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    How To Prepare Banga Stew (Ofe Akwu)

    Banga stew (Ofe akwu) and white rice.

    – 1 fresh palm fruits or 800g tinned palm fruit concentrate
    -Cow tail or any meat of your choice
    -Fresh or dry salmon fish or anyone of your choice
    -Scent leaves
    -Fresh or dry pepper
    -2 onion bulbs
    -Seasoning cubes
    -Crayfish. Grounded!
    -One tomato paste
    -Salt to taste

    Cooking directions:
    -Cook the meat with seasoning cubes, salt and onion until it becomes soft and easy to chew, or season the meat with seasoning cubes and grill in an oven, if you have one. Then set them aside.
    -Grind and blend the spices to powder. Also blend the pepper
    -Wash the dry fish if you’re using dry fishand remove the centre bone. Or boil your fresh fish together with your meat
    -Boil the palm fruit for 20 to 30minutes, pound with a mortar and pestle, transfer into a bowl, add water and extract the juice using a sieve.
    -Boil the juice for about 15 to 20minutes or till it becomes thick.
    -Add the dried fish or your already steamed fresh fish, grounded crayfish mix, precooked meat, ground pepper and salt and seasonings to taste. Then boil for another 10 minutes.
    -Add scent leaves, and some more seasonings (if necessary). Simmer for about 2 or 3minutes.
    -Your banga stew is ready for consumption.
    -Serve with your already cooked white rice…🤗

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