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How To Get Rid Of Post Pregnancy Belly Fat

When a woman is pregnant, her stomach expand astronomically. In the miracle of Birth the baby is expelled from her stomach, her stomach deflate.

The skin around there get saggy, stretchy and bigger.

Here are the ways nursing mother can get rid of their post Pregnancy fat;

1. Hot Water Press

When a new mother is having her birth, An old wife would press all the parts of her body with hot water. Apparently to help her return to her normal body.

2. Drinking hot tea or alcohol

From the day she gives birth, she’s not supposed to take cold drinks. All the water she takes in must be hot or she could take alcoholic drinks in a bid to reduce her belly.

3. Do not Sit immediately after meal

Do not Sit or lie down after meal, walk around for a few minutes.

4. Tie your tummy with a piece of cloth or girdle

Few weeks after having a baby, tie your tummy with cloth or wear a girdle so that your tummy will return to it’s normal size.



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