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Foods That Worsen Menstrual Pain

Certain foods should be avoided when on your period to prevent menstrual pain.

1. Milk And Diary

Milk and diary product contains saturated fats that can cause inflammation which can make your period pain worse.

2. Processed And Sugary Foods

Foods in can contains a lot of salt which makes bloating worse. Refined sugar from candy, biscuits and soda also makes cramping worse, so stay away from them. Stick to healthy, fresh selections while you’re on your period.

3. Beans

Beans are normally nutritious, high in fibre and vitamins can cause trouble when you’re on your period.

4. Coffee

Before and during period, caffeine can make your pelvic pain worse. Plus coffee can make you feel more stressed and irritated. Drink chamomile, plenty of water or ginger tea instead.

5.  Fried Foods

Fried foods cause stomach distress and interfere with normal digestion. Stick to food that are mildly cooked, steamed or grilled while you are menstruating.




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