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    How To Achieve Biafra Peacefully

    After my suggestions, adequate consultations and series of meetings with knowledgeable, very few, selected Biafran elders, here’s my final submissions on the best peaceful method of achieving Biafra.

    1. In the meantime of fighting for Biafra, lets kick out the five drunkards we have as so called governors in the Southeast.

    2. When we elect pro-Biafran governors in 6 to 8 (might be more) Biafran states in the current structure of Nigeria, they will rally together and create a regional police force, Rising Sun Vigilante (RSV), like the Westerners have OPC and Northerners have Sharia police.

    3. The work of RSV is to protect our lands from external attacks such as Fulani herdsmen as well as internal security issues like kidnapping and robbery.

    4. The RSV is equipped with highly sophisticated weapons with funds from the complying Southeast, Southsouth states. The caretakers of RSV are to make sure the security outfit at all times is armed with superior equipment to the Federal Army in case of outbreak of violence or war situation by our troublesome neighbors (like what happened in Aba).

    5. Just like we have in the US marines, our civil servants, workers, businessmen and other civilians who are not full time RSV operatives can volunteer to be part of RSV part-time volunteer unit in case of emergencies.

    6. The part-time volunteer personnel would undergo monthly or annual training to keep fit in case of sudden need for more personnel to supplement the normal full time RSV operatives. Volunteers are placed on regular monthly stipend of say $10 – $30 per month.

    7. While this is happening, our leaders and representatives, who are pro-Biafrans by now, will be officially agitating and pushing bills for our secession in the federal level.

    8. If a Federal referendum fails, we will conduct a regional referendum like Catalonia is doing in Spain on October 1. The referendum voting will be secured and monitored by RSV.

    9. If the outcome of the voting is positive, we shall legally hand over the results of the referendum to UN. If the UN recognizes us, we shall have our country.

    10.  Before we officially declare our country, our representatives shall meet leaders of other countries and get their diplomatic support.

    11.When we have received the blessings of the United Nations and recognition by our neighboring countries, we shall live in peace on our own. For any external assailant who tries to disturb our peace, we shall draft and arm millions of our volunteer RSV to join the existing RSV operatives in combat mode. We shouldn’t rely on the help of our diplomatic friendly/neighboring countries but their help is welcome during the situation.

    Things are easier said than done, we know but first, lets beat Nigeria at their own game by selecting pro-Biafrans as governors, senators and our representatives in the current structure of Nigeria.

    – Catalonia and Scotland both have political parties for selecting their pro-secessionist politicians and reps who in turn got referendum clauses for them, however, we don’t even need the hassles of registration of political parties here as a law permitting individual candidacy (contesting without political party) was passed in Nigeria recently.

    – In terms of candidature what we only need to do is to verify that our candidate was and is still a card-carrying IPOB, MASSOB or any recognized pro-Biafran organization for the past 4 years and will swear allegiance to the promotion of Biafra with any of our Biafran deities before endorsement for the intended political position.

    The above is my personal presentation which I wanted to submit in its full form to our leader Nnamdi Kanu before his home was looted by Nigeria’s security operatives.

    I repeat, don’t bash or insult anybody. Remember it’s my timeline and I won’t hesitate to remove your comments if you don’t criticize or comment in an orderly manner.

    Only suggestions are welcome in this thread. Thanks.

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