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Dialogue With Nnamdi Kanu – Obasanjo Advises Buhari

Obasanjo asks Buhari to negotiate with IPOB and Kanu but two of Buhari’s Ministers think otherwise.
Dr Junaid Muhammed and Alhaji Balarabe Musa lambasted Obasanjo, calling him a hypocrite who lacked credibility.  They said his statement is demoralising to the army who are confronting terrorists wherever they are.
They also accused Obasanjo of deploying troops to Bayelsa and Benue during his tenure in which over 2500 and 100 civilians were killed respectively.
According to them, Obasanjo did not seek any audience with those victims, and it is mischievous that the former president has now come up with some advice.”
But they forget that soldiers and police officers were first killed before revenge missions were carried out albeit sadly.
I gathered that Obasanjo was apparently sued for those massacres for 500 million naira by the affected members of the community but little is known of the outcome. 
I remember in my last post asking for dialogue as the way forward. Actions must be taken, albeit wisely. Not reactively but proactively. Situations are already tense as it is so it is not wise to aggravate opinions of marginalisation held by a large majority of people. Drastic actions without providing alternative measures such as dialogue, compromise and reconciliation is unwise at this point.
I don’t understand how peaceful protests organised by people whose reasons for secession was based on marginalisation, who ended up getting killed for their agitations can be tagged terrorists?
Who is a terrorist?
A terrorist is a person(s) who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political, religious or ideological aims.
The military cited the following reasons for slamming the terrorist tag on IPOB:

1. Formation of a Biafra Secret Service
2. Formation of the Biafra National Guard
3. Unauthorised blocking of public access roads
4. Extortion of money from innocent civilians at illegal roadblocks
5. militant possession and use of weapons (stones, Molotov cocktails, machetes and broken bottles among others) on a military patrol on 10 September 2017
6. Physical confrontation of troops by Nnamdi Kanu and other IPOB actors at a checkpoint, attempts to snatch their rifles. attacks by IPOB members, on a military checkpoint on 12 September 2017, at Isialangwa, where one IPOB actor attempted to snatch a female soldier’s rifle.

Please just compare that to the mayhem caused by Boko Haram a proper terrorist sect like ISIS where over half a million people have been killed (reported and unreported)
Should I mention the herdsmen who go on rampage daily, maiming, raping, killing innocent people even in other eastern and western states?
What about those smaller sects responsible for the Agatu, Shiite and Southern Kaduna massacre?
Just why? I don’t get?
Why should a set of people be seen as sacred cows who can manipulate justice as they wish and we are expected to be cool with it.
Nigeria, when are we going to look beyond our tribal pettiness, ethnic hatred and monumental selfishness to take the baby steps towards moving forward?
Are we not tired yet of repeating history and going about in circles we have compassed for ourselves?
Please who will adopt me in this life? I need a new country.
Non Nigerians only priss.

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