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    Happy Boys Said They Are Not Coming Back To Nigeria

    Happy Boys made a video that they are not coming back. According to them, OPM didn’t call or inform them before buying tickets to return them to Nigeria. That they just saw ticket on Facebook.

    They say they are not interested in any Nigerian Scholarship. They are sorry. They also thank him. That everyone should dey em dey. They want take their own destiny by their hands.

    There is a lesson in all this things. Help only those who need it. Check if truly, this is what they need. Help people according to their needs and not what you think they need.

    If someone needs mentorship, advice and guidance and you go about giving the person millions, my dear, I tell you that the money will be rubbished on you.

    Do not help for clout. Do not help because of trends. Do not help because an issue is popular on social media.

    Find out if truly, someone needs the help, that’s only way it can be appreciated. Focus on those close to you. Your relatives need it. Your family need it. Those around you need it.

    What those guys needed from the beginning wasn’t any Scholarship in abroad but reorientation then, you find out what they actually want, proceed.

    They were sacked because of their unruly behaviors, then, they were rewarded without first working on their minds.

    Channel your resources where it will be useful.

    Yes, they know that coming back, nothing for them. Absolutely nothing. They know this. The moment they are back, okwu agwụ. They now have to grab their future if they so wish.

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