Simple and Best Balcony Design Ideas For Houses 2023

A balcony can become a perfect relaxing haven with a breathtaking view. Make this comfortable outdoor space more appealing by choosing an appropriate balcony design wisely. However, choosing one can become daunting with the overwhelming design options available. This is where the balcony design presented in this article can work wonders for your home. Therefore, if you wish to make your responsibility of creating a beautiful and efficient balcony easier, go through the list of balcony designs and choose accordingly. Read on!

20 Modern and Latest Balcony Design Ideas In 2023:

We have prepared a list of the best balcony designs you can look into to make your dream of having a sophisticated yet efficient balcony come true. Go through the list before incorporating things you like.

1. House Balcony Design:

There are several things one needs to consider when

designing a house balcony. First, it would help if you kept a

few things in mind: how to plan to use the space, the materials

to use, and the shape and size of the balcony. Even with a

spacious balcony, how you want to design it depends on what

you expect. For example, you can leave a lot of open space with

a couch on one side and add potted plants here and there. This

way, you will have enough space to utilize it however you want,

leaving scope to experiment.

2. Small Balcony Design:

With a little planning and attention to detail, you can design

a small balcony into a cosy and inviting outdoor space as a

fun and creative project. Choosing furniture scaled to the size

of the area when it comes to small balconies is essential. For

example, select foldable chairs or sofa cum bed which can be

comfortable without occupying too much space. Choose the

right colours and textures for the balcony’s décor, making the

area more inviting and spacious. Furthermore, add plants,

adding a natural texture to the patio.

3. Simple Front Balcony Design House:

Designing a front balcony adds functional outdoor living space and curb appeal to your home. When planning the front balcony, ensure it enhances the overall aesthetic while complementing your home’s architecture. First, you can add beauty and functionality to your home by considering the size and shape of your front balcony. Next, add little greenery by placing pots on the railing and hanging them on the wall. Finally, you can add simple and comfortable seating considering the view.

  1. Big Balcony Design:

Having a big balcony offers you a lot of potentials to create an exceptional outdoor living space where you can relax, entertain guests and enjoy the surrounding nature. Creating an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and functional space is also the key to designing a big balcony. Choose the right furniture, add greenery, incorporate appropriate lighting, and consider privacy and finishing touches. You can create a perfect, entertaining, relaxing outdoor space by keeping all the said features.

  1. Beautiful Balcony Design:

‘Beauty resides in the eyes of the beholder, we all must have heard this phrase. Though beauty depends on the eyes of the beholder, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t beautify what we can and how we can. As observed in this picture, you can place a comfortable sofa set with a glass tea table in the centre, especially if you have ample space on your balcony. Furthermore, cover the surrounding compound wall area with floral plants, beautifying the place a bit more.

6. Traditional Balcony Design:

If you want to add a classic charm and elegance to your home, designing your balcony in a traditional style can be ideal. However, make sure to choose a design that enhances the overall aesthetic of your home while complementing its architecture. Choose wood or wrought iron materials for other features, while brick-style walls can be a classic choice considering their durability. You can add visual interest by incorporating classic elements to create a traditional balcony, Furthermore, add comfortable chairs or appropriate seating that helps you enjoy the outdoors while relaxing.

7. Open Balcony Design:

This beautiful open balcony design is attached to the home extending outside. It doesn’t have any covering or enclosure over it, hence the name. You can use the outdoor balcony space to socialize with friends and family, sunbathe, or enjoy the view. In addition, you can decorate your balcony depending on your desired functionality and match it with the home’s architecture. Leave the space as empty as possible, and placing some chairs to relax further elevates the area’s openness, creating a sanctuary for yourself.

8. Wooden Balcony Design:

This is another open balcony design where wood is a prominent material to create an inviting, warm space that blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings. Use durable, insect and weather-resistant wood when designing a balcony. Choose the type of wood that fits your needs and budget while complimenting the building’s architecture. Furthermore, place wooden seating with colourful cushioning and a tea table to place things. Finally, you can use white paint for the balcony railing, which complements the wooden flooring beautifully,

9. Round Balcony Design:

Getting a semi-circular shape can be space-efficient if you have little space but still want a balcony in the available area. These balconies are usually attached to the living room or even bedrooms. The wood and wrought iron railing blend to create a unique, rustic look that synchronizes with your home’s brick wall design. Furthermore, you can also paint the fence in the colour you want as per the colour of your house or leave it as it is.

10. Ground Floor Balcony Design:

It can be an exciting time and way to decorate and design a balcony on the ground floor because you can extend the living space beautifully. In addition, the barrier or ralling creates a safety feature that compliments the white sliding door of the home. Finally, choose proper seating, whether chairs, stools, or loungers, which add comfort and style to the place. Place green grass sheet in a square shape, making for stylish-looking flooring. Furthermore, you can also place appropriate lighting, highlighting the space even at night.

11. Office Balcony Design:

Though the pandemic has brought a drought of issues for all of us, it also gave us a work-from option for many of us, making it a norm. This is why having a separate workspace for work is exceptionally important. This is where designing an office balcony can be very helpful. Keep the décor simple and elegant because it should reflect the seriousness one needs in an office space. Keeping shades of cream and white can create a serene environment.

12. Living Room Design with Balcony:

This is a perfect example of a balcony design that perfectly fits the cosy living room. The setup is pretty simple and has enough space for two people to have a relaxing time. The glass sliding door gives you a perfect view of the outside world, which you can cover using shades entirely or use thin curtains to let in minimal light. If you like simplicity, you can use a simple rocking chair with a few pots with plants.

13. Apartment Balcony Design:

Apartment culture has been a growing trend in many metropolitan cities, also taking over many urban areas. These apartment balconies come in various sizes and shapes, making them unique and special. However, the only differentiating factor in each of the balconies depends on how you design and decorate it making it unique for yourself. As shown in this picture, you can cover the railing with an iron sheet which helps maintain partial privacy, hand a few planters, place a swing stand and finally light up the place with the help of hanging lights.

14, Bungalow Balcony Design:

Regarding a balcony on a bungalow, people usually prefer a tiny space with enough for a pai to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea. However, since there is a lot of place around the house to enjoy a good family time, maintaining this balcony with a minimalistic approach is ideal. The placement of a glass railing goes perfectly with the look and style of the bungalow. However, you can always make a different choice to make the house more customized per your style.

15. Kitchen Balcony Design:

This unique balcony design extends a kitchen space, creating a surprisingly efficient and appealing area. As you can see in the picture, this homeowner has extended the kitchen area into a small rectangular balcony. However, there is a sliding door that helps you close the kitchen space whenever you want. Next, decide on the furniture based on the patio and kitchen layout. You can either go for metal or glass ralling for the balcony that compliments the interiors of your home. Finally, don’t forget to add space-efficient dining furniture when you want meals in your kitchen attached terrace.

16. Hall Balcony Design:

This simple balcony is attached to the hall, whose entrance has long glass doors acting as transparent curtains. These doors let sunlight into the house, keeping your home ventilated and lit enough. This balcony is a square one where you can let your kids play and have fun with supervision. Unlike many other balconies with glass or metal railings, this balcony has a fence made with cement giving you partial privacy. Furthermore, you can also cover the door with light curtains, which help you cover the door if you want, still leaving out the option to let the light in.

17. Duplex Balcony Design:

Designing the place can be personal if you have a duplex house with a fantastic balcony. This is where you can incorporate your style and requirements, making it look customized. With wooden flooring, you can compliment the look by adding all the furniture and swing in white with colourful cushions creating a complementing appearance. Furthermore, you can add a few flowering plants to add a little greenery.

18. Contemporary Balcony Design:

If you are a person who loves to keep up with the current and latest trends and implement the same in your balcony, then going for a contemporary balcony design can work in your favour. This is because the design elements beautifully blend in the details of different eras while keeping up with the current trends in materials and technologies. Moreover, this uncluttered space makes you feel open and airy. You focus on function while emphasizing a minimalistic aesthetic, clean lines, and simplicity. Though contemporary designs usually have neutral colour palettes, you can also experiment.

19. Minimalist Balcony Design:

This is another example of a modern balcony design with minimalist features, style, and comfort. The sliding glass door adds a stylish look to the space, whose flooring looks like wood complimenting the other elements beautifully. Place a wooden sofa on one side of the balcony with comfortable cushions. To complement the other interior features, you can add metal chairs and cute little stands to place your essentials- furthermore, the placement of a structure similar to a pergola.

20. Mediterranean Balcony Design:

Mediterranean balcony designs usually take inspiration from Southern Europe and Northern American coastal regions. However, you can get the characterization done by focusing on outdoor living with warm colours and natural materials. Additionally, earthy tones like terracotta, ochre, and sand can predominantly represent the Mediterranean design you want to implement into your balcony. The balcony is an extension of the room of your house with a wooden pergola that lets sunlight through. Placing a small sofa cum bed can help you relax in addition to other seaters with cushions.

Searching for the best balcony design is never easy and requires a lot of research. However, the balcony designs presented in this article might make the search process much more manageable since many consider the balcony a haven in the houses where we can breathe fresh air away from the concrete jungle. Though it is not possible to get all the elements we need into the space, we can always strive to achieve what we need within the area we have.

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