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    Funke (Jenifa) Akindele And JJC Skills Still Have Businesses Together

    It’s one thing to be thrilled about a man leaving the matrimonial home quietly.
    It’s another thing to paint him as a freeloader.
    Speaking of Funke’s estranged husband, JJC Skillz.

    The narrative peddled on social media about this man’s marriage to Funke is very ignorant.
    And your pseudo-feminist influencers who see their separation as an opportunity to score points are not helping matters.

    You’d almost believe that JJC has been eating free food in that Amen Estate mansion at Ibeju Lekki.
    Apparently, they want it to look like the woman wore the pants in the marriage, while the m.an was a non-factor.

    None of us knew the dynamics of their relationship, but one thing is certain, the couple built most of their business empires together.

    So making it seem like the man was left stranded because power changed hands is funny, when there’s still a pile of paperwork to be sorted out regarding their joint businesses, of which JJC has a huge financial stake in.
    For those who knowingly ignored the business part of the separation announcement.

    You can’t talk about Scene One Productions, Scene One Records, Industreet (Television series), and some other ventures, without JJC being in the mix.
    Not forgetting the widely watched Jenifa’s Diary, which he singlehandedly directed.

    I know there’s nothing sweeter than a boss lady story, but this one is slightly different.

    Being that, one was the more popular face, and the other was mostly in the background WORKING just as hard to bring ideas to fruition.
    The facts are out there. The production credits are out there.

    I’m not trying to defend JJC Skillz because I’m just a spectator like the rest of us.

    I don’t just like the idea of netizens trying to paint an accomplished television producer and a respected figure in the entertainment industry as a man of small stature. Or a boy-boy.
    Because he left the house in peace.

    Don’t do it.

    BTV reporting.

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