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Funke Akindele (Jenifa) Was The One That Sent The Husband Packing

One thing I love about this trending Funke Akindele story is that she was the one who asked the ex-husband to leave her house at Amen estate in Lekki, not the other way around.

I could imagine the shock on the face of the man when Funke ordered him out of her house when the marriage had irretrievably broken down.

An average alpha male who is a Nigerian does not like to be embarrassed that way.

Ironically, Funke’s former landlord, Babatunde Gbadomosi, was also thrown out of the house by his wife Shade after he impregnated a Nigerian lady based in the UK named Yinka Balogun, an accounting and finance specialist. Unable to stomach the betrayal, Shade kicked him out of their matrimonial home and the Amen estate business they both ran together.

Having your own money as a woman is bliss and reduces the level of insult and disrespect you can tolerate from my gender.

I love to see women who are financially empowered and who live their lives according to their own rules, not the dictates and whimpers of society.

Money is not a gender focus and does not sexually discriminate.

A man can have money, and a woman can have it as well.

No gender is exempted from making money.

I think we need to emphasise this message to our young girls as a reminder that they are enough and can make their own money as well.

Together, we can raise a generation of financially empowered women who have their money and who are not afraid to take big decisions like this.

It is possible!

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