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    Relationship rant

    What is wrong with some ladies? Why do you people behave like you are permanently on PMS even though you are not and why is it that you people just allow yourself be controlled by your stupidity and daft emotions that you lot can’t just realize when someone is just doing what’s best for you and trying his best to treat you like human beings unlike others who treat you like cows? 

    I don’t understand why a woman will act cold towards a guy cos he decides to respect her and decides not to have sex with her cos he knows he does not feel romantically attracted to her even though she is. He knows that she is trying to get over her emotions with the sex but he sees her as more than a warm body and sees her as a human being with feelings and emotions so he tries his best not to hurt her and doing something they might regret but do these airheads realize that? Mba. The guy becomes public enemy number 1. 

    Why is it that you can’t just accept rejection without going to slander the guy and saying he in impotent or gay? Why can’t you just be sensible and believe that he respects you so he does not want to make a mistake with you or he is taking his time so he is sure he is not deceiving you so sex should be on hold. I have told more than three girls this same statement when they got too wahalaful “Look I can have sex with you, keep having sex with you for the next one year even though I know I don’t have a future with you. I can keep it up and just use you for sex while lying to you that I like or love you and you will feel good about yourself but I won’t cos I respect you too much” guess what? They make me the bad guy. Like what the eff? 

    Can’t a lot of ladies just deal? You meet a guy who is all over your body and you say he is trying to use you for sex, you meet one who is willing to wait at least until you both are sure what you have is real and you throw your silly feminine insecurities around like a pregnant woman having a bad case of hormonal imbalance (no disrespect to pregnant women with hormonal imbalance). That’s when you start asking daft questions like “Am I attractive” or you start being stupid enough to try to push the guy into what he does not want for you. 

    Look some guys just care too much about you to use you so get used to it or do what you know how to do which is to go to the arseholés who don’t respect you. But don’t lurk around and trying to emotionally blackmail anyone. I don’t get why you will go around slandering a guy cos he turned you down not cos he is not into you but because he does not want to do things that will not hurt his ego but might affect yours. Why can’t you people just realize when you have won?

    Personally my biggest fear in relationships is waking up one Saturday evening and having my GF tell me I have wasted 18 months of her life and been using her body so I like to make sure what we have is real before sex even comes to the table (does not mean it will happen yet sef). Stop this crazy slander of “He is dulling” or “he is not a sharp guy”.

    It is funny that a player (plays girls like no man’s business) from the diary section said he is better than me morally cos he still shows ladies small love even though it might be fake and they enjoy it for a while but I just shut them out totally and that is wrong.

    So not leading people on is now a crime to you people abi? Seeing bullshìt around the corner and protecting some ladies against it is now a crime abi? And to think it is these same people that will scream “So you felt nothing for me and yet you were sleeping with me abi?” A lot of ladies need to grow some brains to fill their empty cranium abeg. 

    Thank God the block feature still exists on whatsapp and the delete and block feature is on BBM. I need to use it more. 

    I have no apologies for this rant and you should notice the use of “Some” in the beginning of this rant. 

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