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    Floating Berries And Gloceries

    Nothing wey we nor go see for NAIJA.
    So I went to get something at a shop today, I met this particular guy, he also wanted to buy something.

    So he asked the owner of the shop, if she had floating berries and Groceries, in my mind, I was like “who be this one ni?, Which one is floating berries and Groceries?

    Even the elderly woman that has the shop was confused, to avoid further confusion, she just said “No dear, I don’t have, check the next shop”

    But Mummy, I’m seeing it in your shop na, the guy replied smiling , the elderly woman turned to me and asked me what is floating berries and Groceries, I was just looking at her confused too. But as I nor won fall my hand, I just kukuma tell her, “Ma Groceries are items like milk, sugar etc.

    See as the guy come dey laugh me 😒😒😒, so what is floating berries and Groceries then, I asked him

    Na garri and sugar be Groceries na, floating berries na groundnut.

    If you nor want make the whole world know say you won soak garri, just code the thing, he replied as he bought his garri abi groceries and floating berries.

    Wahala ohhhhhh 😂😂😂

    When last did you have floating berries and Groceries?

    © Praise Urhefe Oghenevovwero

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