Akwa Okuko Tiwaraki Kidnapped At Oba

The news that popular Anambra Juju priest Akwa Okuko Tiwaraki was kidnapped from his hotel room in Oba, Anambra State, is ironic, with so many lessons for my generation who believe in Juju to ponder on.

Akwa Okuko is a celebrity and popular on Facebook for doing Oke Ite Juju for gullible young men who want to be rich.

Oke ite is the juju that makes young people rich, they said.

The celebrity Juju priest also sells protective charm known as Odo echi to his clients.

It is ironic that Akwa’s Juju and his legendary protective charm failed him at the time he needed it most, which shows more than any other thing that his Juju is fake and does not work.

Oke Ite does not work.

Stop patronizing these charlatans and making them rich.

Learn a skill or a trade.

Then work hard, wake up early, show up every day, and leave the rest to God to do.

Anything more than this is fake and does not work.

Regardless, I hope the young man will be rescued from the criminals who abducted him, with the criminals arrested and brought to Justice.

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