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    First Time Compiling An Android App

    First time I compiled an android app was around this time in 2017 . It was a default example that comes with android studio.

    I ran it on a Windows laptop with 4GB RAM and Core 2 Duos processor. Laptop I bought with my house rent that year.

    Took about 45 minutes I even forgot about it. I left it, returned and I saw one new strange app on my list of apps and I was like – “how did this one enter my phone?”.

    As I opened it and saw the interface, I yelled. I still couldn’t build apps then though, till I upgraded my RAM to 8GB. Even at that it was slow. That was before Android Studio got optimised and each build took as much as 7 minutes. But nevertheless, I built cool stuff with it. Stuff that put food on my table and clothes on my skin.

    Fried my RAM sticks, hard drive crashed twice, motherboard got fried twice, we change am and kept sailing.

    Today, I loaded up two emulators on my PC and everything was running smoothly. When I clone whole github apps and build them out in few seconds and I just smile and remember the old days.

    Man dun see things shaa.

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