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    Raising A Child Is Teamwork


    Everytime we talk about Teamwork, mothers think we are only referring to business or office work.

    They do not realize that Teamwork also refers to mothers.

    A mother needs a team to help her raise a child.
    She cannot do it alone.

    Unless you open your heart to this, you will struggle to excel in other areas of life, as a mother.

    You must realize that you are NOT the only one who is capable of loving and caring for your child.

    Loving and caring for your child can become a Teamwork if you allow others to step in.

    You are a mother with 2 kids.

    You have zero earnings. Family is supporting you.

    Someone offers you a job of 180k to 200k.
    You decline, you say you have no one to take care of your kids.

    What happened to taking out some money from that 180k and paying someone to stay with the kids while you do the work?

    What happened to even granting the proposed employer some audience and offering to do 3 days work-from-home and 2 days physical in a week?

    What happened to even considering professional caregiving, even if it costs half of the salary? Knowing fully well that you are developing yourself and in a few years, you will command far bigger salaries?

    What is all these “I am the only one who can care for my child. Everyone is evil and wicked” ????

    You carry children gum body and you are unhappy that your mates are growing and developing in their careers?

    This post is for women who have serious money problems and yet refuse to work because they have kids to take care of.

    I worry that they are being somewhat unrealistic and unfair to themselves and even the kids.

    It’s fine to be a stay-at-home-mum if money is not a problem.

    But how do you keep rejecting jobs, rejecting work, rejecting to step out and insist on taking care of your kids by yourself, then you are asking people for money.

    As a young mum who needed to make money, I tried many strategies.

    One of my best strategy was a Combo of my mum and a Nurse I brought from the East.

    (They call them auxiliary nurses or “Nurse Eliza” in igbo)

    The Nurse was earning 15k and was owed many months of salary. I offered her 30k and brought her to Lagos.

    Nurse and mum were costing me about 60k and I could go out to do a 200k+ job. I knew I would grow into what I am today.

    That Nurse, Amarachi, soon became like a sister.

    I remember how I cried at ‘God is Good’ park when she was leaving to go and get married. She married an Assembies of God Pastor and we still talk.

    Motherhood is Teamwork.

    Raise your team.
    Deploy your strategies.
    Stop refusing.

    There are thousands of people out there who have the ability and skill to love and care properly for your children.

    Stop the thought that only you posses the ability.

    The kids also do not want to grow and meet an unfulfilled mother.

    Strike a good balance.

    Think, Strategize, Pray and Seek.

    Heaven has sent you to impact thousands and millions, you are short-changing yourself by choosing to impact only your kids.

    Write down all your 10000 excuses, and work out solutions.

    There are good employers.
    There are good jobs.
    There are good helps.
    There are good strategies.
    There are good options.
    Stop refusing to think or give a chance.

    Dear mother, learn teamwork

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