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    Dan Uchenna Ozoemena Of Globus Supermarkets Is A Phenomenal Simple Man

    Dan Uchenna Ozoemena arrived in Lagos, just like many other Nigerians, three decades ago.

    Life was not easy for him at the beginning I was told.

    Man tasted poverty and It took some time before he finally found his footing.

    Penny Mart Supermarket was his first attempt at starting a supermarket business, a daring, bold attempt to change the outcome of his life.

    Being a man of destiny, he achieved phenomenal success with it because the business scaled so quickly, as it grew beyond his imagination.

    Penny Mart gave birth to other chains of supermarket businesses known today as Globus supermarkets.

    Globus is one of the biggest supermarket chains and brands in Lagos today.

    His house in his village in Imo State is a reflection of his success in this city.

    An attestation of a man favored by his personal chi

    This house has a positive aura and is a reminder that everything good happens in Nigeria.

    Keep pushing!

    He is also a blessing to his community, Isiekenesi in Ideato South LGA of Imo State.

    He has built more than 100houses for widow in the whole of Ideato north and south. He built the community hospital complex, community Hall and will be commissioning Isiekenesi Skills Acquisitions Centre which is a three storey building (when you graduate he mobilize you to have a fresh start).

    He also own Temple Hills, Globus Electrical, his wife manage the boutique.

    He has empowered all his siblings from A-Z but the funny thing about him is that he will enter danfo with you to trade fare to check his product that’s been supplied in the market .
    You will pass him and won’t know he is the one.

    A great man indeed

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