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Bishop Oyedepo Hangar At Lagos Airport, Dominion Hangar, To Be Demolished By The Govt For Airport Expansion

Dominion Hangar, the hangar belonging to the founder of Living Faith, Bishop Oyedepo, is billed to be demolished by the Nigerian government any moment from now.

The hangar is where the charismatic prosperity preacher parks his private jets at the Lagos airport.

The total cost of the Lagos airport, lying Idle is $300 million.

The Domion hangar isn’t the only one that will be demolished .

Another hanger belonging to Harold Olusegun Demureen,the father-in-law of Toolz, the celebrity radio host is also billed to be demolished as well.

The hangers are causing problems at the Lagos airport and keeping it from being at full capacity. This is why they are being torn down.

At the moment, the Lagos airport is suffering from low capacity as airlines avoid the airport because of this.

Let’s hear the minister of Avaition Sirdika as he explains better.

“We are not operating Lagos Airport at full capacity.” We have some obstructions that will be removed within the next one or two weeks to expand the apron so that Lagos will have full use.

“Those two hangars I talked about, Dominion and Evergreen, will have to go and make way for our airport to be more efficient. It is a $300 million investment over there, and they can’t sit there in the public interest. We have to shift them; I don’t know them; of course I know Demuren, my leader, but I don’t know the other guy; it has to go. You can’t deny Lagos and the country in general from using the airports.

“We are going to demolish Dominion Hangar and Evergreen Apple Nigeria Hangars to make way for the new Apron, and that would be in a few weeks.” “Demolition of Dominion and Evergreen Apple is a must.”he concluded.

A classic example that shows the rich also cry.

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