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    Court Declares Mendy Free Of All Rape Accusations

    About eight ladies accused Mendy of rape and sexual assault, and he was found NOT GUILTY of all allegations.

    The most annoying thing is that those women would move on, and nothing would happen to them for dragging an innocent man through the mud and destroying his glittering career and reputation.

    Mendy’s ordeal illustrates that false rape accusations are evil; those eight airheads trivialize the actual rape itself, and there should be a punishment for women who falsely accuse men of rape when they are innocent.

    A society that does not punish women for wrongly accusing men of rape is an unjust society that is not fair to men, and we need to fight it.

    If not for anything, for our kids

    For our boys, who will grow up and be wrongly accused of rape when what happened was consensual sex

    And for our little girls, who will grow up to weaponize rape just to bring an innocent, successful man down because they know that nothing will happen to them for being an idiot and a vile human,

    This is not right.

    The Jury that exonerated Mendy from the false rape allegations viewed a sex tape of Mendy and one of the accusers having consensual sex with the so-called victim, moaning away with no care in this world while moaning Mendy’s name and urging him to do it harder.

    The sex tape recorded the sex act from the beginning to the end, from her undressing to the end of the act, and there was no coercion or forceful attempt by Mendy on her.

    It was a mutual agreement.

    That was how the court came to the conclusion that the man was innocent and did not rape one of the accusers.

    What If Mendy was not smart enough to install the hidden cameras in his bedroom that recorded those sex scenes?

    What could have been his fate today?

    Imagine the indignity, shame, and humiliation of watching your sex tape—your private moment—played in court just to exonerate you from a heavy accusation.

    Accusations that made you spend months in prison and destroyed your career

    Some women are evil, and that is why I advise my friends to stay away from dramatic, toxic women.

    Any babe who comfortably shares private WhatsApp and Facebook messages to show men toasting her is a red flag.

    May God save my gender from vile, evil, manipulative women.

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