Enugu State Government Warns Teachers To Ignore The Monday Sit-at-home

The Enugu state government has threatened to deal with teachers who don’t come to school to teach on Mondays because they are observing the banned IPOB sit-at-home order.

To ensure the safety and well-being of students and teachers, it is imperative that the directive to reopen schools on Monday (sit at home) is accompanied by comprehensive security measures.

By conducting a thorough security assessment, enhancing perimeter security, establishing emergency response plans, deploying trained security personnel, implementing surveillance systems collaborating with law enforcement agencies and conducting safety education programs, the risk of potential security threats by these Simon Ekpa led terrorists can be significantly mitigated.

We strongly recommend that Governor Peter Mba, along with the relevant education authorities, take immediate action to implement these security measures and prioritize the safety of students and teachers. Doing so will instil confidence among stakeholders, promote a safe learning environment, & ensure that schools are adequately equipped to face any threats.

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