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    Being Married To The Right Person

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    I have read a lot of posts advising single ladies on how they should acquire all the certificates and be independent and be of certain age before getting married so that their husband will respect them. I agree but i have something to say.
    A man that will respect you, will always respect you.
    I have seen lots of men that got married to their wives when they were still in school and allowed them to finish school, send them to go for their masters and PhD and yet do not joke with them.
    Social media now portrays men as bad and evil even when some women are the architect of their misfortune thou we have some men wey no be am. Even when you share your good news or your success stories they will all turn to doubting thomas just to make themselves feel good.
    That you are a doctor before getting married does not mean your man will respect you neither will being an illiterate guarantee such.
    Some one i know got married as a banker but mistakenly she ended up with a man that made her drop her banking career just to be a sit at home mum and no be say the man dey take good care of her. You see everything boils down to ending up with a good man.
    If you see a good man that loves you and cares about your dreams and aspiration and he wants to marry you and you as a woman feels you can cope with building your home together with schooling, my dear get married, all men are not evil.
    Some acquired all the certificates and when it was time to settle down, the people coming for their hand in marriage are no longer the type of men they want. Some even with their qualifications still ended up with men that treats them like piece of trash.
    Some ended up regretting if they had known they would have gotten married when they were young when great suitors were seriously coming for their hand in marriage.
    Although some that got married while in school may also be regretting on how if they had known they would have waited till they are done with school before getting married because combining schooling with motherhood no easy but once you have a good man that is willing to support you, it wont be much stress for you because he will always encourage you just like during my own time.
    A good man will never mock you or disrespect you just because you are not this or that so far as you have what he wants as a wife.
    we have so many good men out there that do not mind training their wives in school.
    we also have good men that will do anything it takes to establish their wives.
    Do not think low about your self that no man will marry you just becuase you are not a graduate or because you have not established yourself.
    Some were lucky to come from a family that has the capacity of sending them to any school of their choice while some do not.
    I also encourage women to learn a trade even while in Schl so that even when it didn’t go as planned, you can always use that hand work you learnt to empower your self.
    There is nothing wrong in getting married at a younger age, i mean while in school, the thing there is make sure that the man you are getting married to has your interest at heart. Discuss about so many things, pray about it, listen to what your parents has to say and Always listen to your instinct.. A man that cares about you will do anything to make you happy and still accord you that maximum respect you deserve but one advice i have for you women is that, make sure you always respect him and appreciate his efforts. Do not look down on him or start making him feel less of himself after he must have sponsored you in school.
    It is not easy for a man to sponsor or establish a woman but some men are doing it daily out of the love they have for their wives which is a good thing because no be everyone was born with a silver spoon especially with the economic situation of things in this country.
    I am not saying marriage should be a poverty alleviation programme. But what i am saying is, if you see a man that truly cares about you and with in you, you truly love him. Do not allow what people will say to stop you from marrying him
    During my stay in NYSC camp, come and see responsible men that will bring their wives in the morning then comes back around 4 to pick them up. Its all about knowing who you are and what you want and ending up with the right person meant for you.
    Some will even wait for their wives in the car and help them carry their new born babies till when their wives are thru with their program both of them will go back home.
    Marriage is good when you are with the right person that loves and appreciate you. Not all men are evil or will destroy you just because you got married to them.. While we keep on saying men are this and that also check your self and see if there is something you are not doing right and make amends.
    Shout out to all the great men out there that loves and cares for their wives and shout out to all the women that appreciate their husbands with encouraging words and are grateful for all his efforts.. You guys rock big time.
    At the end do what makes you happy.. Shikena!
    Copyright Jovial Mum

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