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    American Music Awards (AMA) Cancelled Chris Brown’s Performance

    You may have heard about the cancellation of Chris Brown’s performance for the just concluded American Music Awards (AMA).
    If you haven’t, the 7 minutes dance rehearsal footage is still lying on his IG page.

    Chris Brown

    To say the video is impeccable is an understatement.
    Chris is simply unmatched.

    When he finally gets a rare invite to perform at an award show as a tribute to Michael Jackson, which would’ve been a big deal, he gets a last minute cancellation by AMA without any explanation.
    Very heartbreaking, considering the amount of hard work, sweat, time and resources wasted.

    But the surprising twist is that he won for ‘favourite male R&B artist’.
    So where’s the sense in taking him off the performers list?

    Just in case we see him pissing on the plaque like Kanye did his Grammy the other time, we shouldn’t blame him.

    Now the interesting part is that there are people who are strongly insisting that Chris deserves all that’s coming to him.
    It’s so bad that even Kelly Rowland that accepted his award on his behalf and praised him on stage, they’re slamming her for speaking highly of Chris.

    And this isn’t just about the Rihanna incident that happened when he was like 19.
    There’s this widespread notion that Chris doesn’t l!ke dark-skinned wom£n.
    It goes back to his 2019 controversial song titled ‘Need A Stack’ with the lyrics “Only wanna f#ck the black b!tches with the nice hair.”
    The song really got to his black female fans.

    Unremorseful, Chris went on IG to blast the w0m£n that were mad at the song, saying they were as u.gly as Budweiser frogs. Lol.

    Since then, many black women hung him upside down by his balls in their coven.
    They’ve refused to see him as anything but a colourist and would slam anyone who as much as defends his honour, like they’re doing to Kelly Rowland.
    As a matter of fact, she praised Chris around the time he dropped the song, just so you know why black women are on her case again.

    At the same time, these women are celebrating the cancellation of Chris’s AMA performance in urban blogs.

    When I say black women, I don’t mean the ‘marriage/100k earning husband/Peggy Ovire and Frederick Leonard’ hot takes givers here.

    I mean African-American women, the vicious bunch with strong opinions, who have a reputation of ending careers and cancelling black male artists over misguided statements and actions.

    Anyway, what do you think of Chris Brown in all of this?
    Is it an overkill at this point?
    Does he deserve the ‘shege’ life has been showing him all these years?
    I can’t help that I appreciate his immense talent though, just saying.

    BTV reporting

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