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5 Snacks 90’s Kids Can Relate To

Growing up, a lot of kids had their favorite snacks they just could not do without. Alot of these snacks are no longer available today but that does not mean we love mean we love them any less.

Here are 5 snack 90’s kids can relate to:

1. Yale biscuits

Yale company was really popular back in the days as they made most of our favorite biscuits. Some examples are speedy, glucose malted milk, wheat meal digestive coaster, bakers rich shortcake, Kent etc. Yale at that time really dominated our Biscuits world.

2. Sibija or sweet with spoon

This sweet rocked our world back in the days. It came with a creamy and chocolate mix and alot of kids would start with one part of it and finish with the other part. When you’re done, there are other uses for the pack and spoon like dishing your own meal into it and eating from it.

3. Pako biscuits

If you were looking for a biscuits to satisfy your sweet bud back in the days, Pako biscuits is definitely not your go-to biscuits. But on those days, if you have eaten your lunch money or you’re saving it to buy something else, Pako biscuits is the one biscuits that will satisfy you. Just one pack and drink enough water, you’re good for the afternoon.

4. Baba dudu

Baba dudu is this hard hard dark brown nutty candy made from coconut and sugar. It was available in almost every small provision store around the corner in every neighborhood.

Baba dudu is made by boiling coconut milk with sugar till it darkens and then it is shaped into round or oval balls and tied into nylon to look like candy necklace.

5. Telephone juice

With all the above snacks, one drink most kids always wants to wash them down was the telephone juice. With telephone juice, you get a toy and a delicious drink all rolled into one.


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