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DIY Recipes: How To Prepare Black Soup


*Washed bitterleaf

*Uziza leaf

*Scent leaf

*Palm oil or palm fruits juice

*Goat meat

*Mackerel fish

*Dry fish


*Scotch bonnet pepper


*Dried prawn

*Grounded Orioma seed

*Seasoning cubes and salt.


*Wash and blend the bitter leaves, scent leaves, uziza leaves, onions, pepper and crayfish together.

*Wash the goat meat and transfer into a pot, steam using salt, chopped onions, seasoning cubes and cook for 15mins. Add some water after 15 mins and cook till 80% done.

*Wash and add the dried fish, prawn and mackerel fish. Add the Orioma seed, palm oil or palm fruit juice and gently stir. Allow it to boil for 2mins then taste for salt, seasoning cubes and add if necessary.

*Add the blended leaves and gently stir to avoid breaking the fish. Allow to boil for a while to thicken.

*Serve with any swallow of your choice.

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