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    10 Ways You Made Buhari Who He Is By Defending the Indefensible.

    10 Ways You Made Buhari Who He Is By Defending the Indefensible.

    1. When Buhari refused to show up for debate during the last Presidential election, you defended it saying debates are not a good measure of judging the competence of a presidential candidate. You argued that since the last office holder held a PhD and was largely clueless, a debate was inconsequential. You don’t need a debate to do the job since you argued forcefully that the country’s number 1 problem was corruption. All that was needed was a man whose sole focus would be on corruption. “Kill corruption before it kills Nigeria.” If you had thought deeply enough, you would have realized that as useless as the debates may look at that point in time, it was the best avenue, if not the only way, to test the competence of the man you loved so much and wanted to see elected as your President.

    2. When Buhari refused to produce his certificate, you defended it by saying even if he showed a mere NEPA bill he’d still get your vote. You rationalized that since the last office holder didn’t amount to anything with the PhD in his hand, a NEPA-bill-weilding individual should be able to deliver the country from all its problems. The argument then was water-tight. What an ogogoro-drinking PhD holder could not do, even an illiterate should be able to deliver.

    3. When Buhari refused to obey court orders, you defended it by saying it was proper to defy court orders in order to be able to get to the root of some knotty cases. That, in fact, Dasuki’s case should be tried at the International Criminal Court because it is a matter that has an international jurisdiction owing to the affiliation of Boko Haram with ISIS. You defended the continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu because he called Nigeria a zoo and operated a radio station. You remember how you even canvassed at some point that the constitution should be suspended and the President given Emergency Powers so that he can deliver on his electoral promises of leading Nigeria to the place it was meant to be.

    4. When Buhari was travelling all over the world and refused to form a cabinet, you defended it saying he needed the shuttle diplomacy to bring back our stolen funds. Till date, you’ve not been able to ascertain how much money the shuttle diplomacy brought into Nigeria compared with the trips that MAY have cost you and other taxpayers over N1T.

    5. When Buhari appointed the likes of Amaechi/Fayemi/Dalung & Co, you defended it saying it was a just recompense for the role these people played in making him President. You felt a moral obligation towards Amaechi’s appointment and you celebrated because you believed he risked all the resources at his disposal to ensure that Buhari, who had no money to purchase his nomination form, became President. You praised Fashola as a great mind after he disclosed at his Senate nomination hearing that he does not sign cheques. You were very ecstatic when Amaechi declared that he has never collected a bribe in his life.

    6. When Buhari went abroad on medical tourism, you defended it saying it was a vacation and like any employer, he was not accountable to the employee in a matter as mundane as an annual vacation.

    7. When Buhari went after the Supreme Court Justices Gestapo style at midnight, you defended his action claiming that the Justices were corrupt. You defended and praised the DSS for having performed a sting and a surgical operation at midnight.

    8. When Buhari went after the freezing of the account of a sitting Governor, you defended it saying the Law gives EFCC power to investigate any account it finds suspicious. You became a worthy interpreter of the Law and never could wait till the Governor loses his immunity before you commence a proper probe and freezing of his accounts. All is fair.

    9. When Buhari kept mute over the killings of the murderous Fulani herdsmen, you defended it saying he is not obligated to speak on every case of homicide in Nigeria.

    10. When Buhari said he would take an especial interest to the people who gave him 97% of the votes to the neglect of the 5% who didn’t vote for him, you defended him saying he was right to this opinion because a section of the country does not like him and has been very hostile to him.

    – Andy Akhigbe

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