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    Yul Edochie Is Acting Like Someone Under Undue Influ3

    When I say Yul has been acting like a man who is under a woman control, some people will call me out.

    To some, He’s there perfect alpha male, but with each action, he’s always shown he’s not far from being a simp.

    So yesterday, he deleted the two posts he made concerning May which included the ridiculous demand for the return of bride price.

    How can a man be so inconsistent with his actions?

    I thought men are supposed to be more calm, quiet and matured during such situations.

    Surprisingly, May has been the one who has shown these qualities throughout, the woman has been quiet and strategic, na her silence dey even affect Yul Edochie mentally.

    Yul should stop disgracing himself on social media, who’s even advising him?

    If you post it, don’t delete it. If you’ve deleted it, it means you shouldn’t have posted it.

    Good morning my people. MAY today favor us all.

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