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    Will MMM collapse?

    Will MMM collapse?

    1. Anybody doing MMM obviously has money to spare, the real people who need help are there languishing.

    2. Friends hardly borrow friends money now cos they’ll rather invest it in MMM. Now if you can’t genuinely help a friend because of MMM, then is it the person you are paying into his account that probably has millions worth of mavro that you are helping?

    3. People with money won’t even help assist or fund startups, of course why would they invest in the humble startup of a fellow nigerian who is struggling to make a name for himself when they can put the money in MMM and get 30% monthly.

    4. There are a lot of brilliant minds who need people to fund their Ideas, but instead Nigerians would prefer MMM. Have you ever wondered why there are no crowdsourcing companies in Nigeria.

    5. Truth is This MMM is not helping anything, they should just rename it to Provide money and receive money dazall. If the stuffs fold up now, People will be crying up and down , but one shouldnt be cryiong when he “helps” someone out of the magnanimity of his heart now should he?

    I don’t have any issue with anybody o. but that providing “help” is kinda misleading, another name wouldve been better

    if the scheme collapses, what will you tell the person who calls you saying that he was the one who gave you help last week and that you should help him, even if is just 10 percent of what he paid you, saying it was all the money he had or maybe one he cudnt afford to lose.

    You’ll prolly say wrong number and warn him not to call you again. Then he’ll drop his phone and from then on anything cam happen, depending on how weak his heart is.

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