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    Wike – Some LP Candidates Are Lucky Because… What are the numbers Of Those Who Gave Them Money

    Former Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike, has responded to claims suggesting that Peter Obl, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, played a significant role in the success of other party members who emerged victorious in their pursuit of political positions. Wike expressed his views on this matter during a conversation with Journalists in the state capital, Port Harcourt. He argued that the success of certain Labour Party members in their respective areas was coincidental rather than the result of any influence from the presidential candidate.

    Wike questioned the notion that every member of the Labour Party would automatically support their presidential candidate, emphasizing that it was not necessarily the case. He also raised the point of financial contributions, asking how many of the party members provided monetary support to those who amarned victorinus Ha sunnacter that the nutcomes

    who emerged victorious. He suggested that the outcomes were primarily accidental and not influenced by the party’s presidential candidate.

    In his own words, Wike stated, “Who told you everybody in the Labour Party will support their presidential candidate? Who told you that? How many of them gave money to those who emerged in the Labour Party? Some of them emerged accidentally, so don’t think it’s because of the presidential candidate.”

    Despite not producing a president, it is worth noting that the Labour Party has managed to secure a governorship position and other positions within the national assembly. This suggests that the party has achieved some level of success, even without winning the presidency.

    Dear esteemed readers, what are your thoughts on this?

    Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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