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    Why There Are So Many Internet Fraudsters (Yahoo Boys) In Nigeria 

    The reason why there are too many Nigeria Internet fraudsters (yahoo boys) today
    Yes, you may see me blast and curse them (yahoo criminals) all the time but then it’s not 100% their fault that they turned out to be Internet fraudsters in life. A person who did ritual to scam other people on the internet is still a cursed animal but let’s look at it from another direction.
    Let me put this in lay man’s language.
    Once upon a time in 2014, during GEJ regime, Google Adverts (Adsense) was paying Nigerian publishers, bloggers and website owners as high as $0.21 click on on adverts (CPC) on their sites. The smallest blogger was easily making at least N5,000 every day.
    Many bloggers were buying motor, building houses legitimately then.
    Today, in Buhari’s regime, a Nigerian click on your website gets you about $0.01 or less.
    Many Nigerian bloggers have dumped the Nigerian demographic to blog for USA, UK, Ghana, South Africa, etc audience since these countries’ Adsense CPC is still good compared to Nigeria’s. Some of the ones that couldn’t break even have to quit the Internet while the rest used their experience to do other things like Internet fraud, credit card jacking, hacking and etc.
    If you still wonder why the rate of criminality, rituals, robbery, kidnapping and yahoo yahoo (internet scams) is high among today’s youth, the answer is the riffraff called Buhari, or Jubril as many of you call him.
    I’m not saying that Buhari introduced yahoo yahoo. Don’t get me wrong, there are youths who swore to do evil even before the coming of Buhari the dullard with his economic woes.
    I’m only telling you that if 10 of 100 Nigerian youths were criminals before Buhari, today 40 out of 100 are now criminals while 70 out of 100 are ready to become criminals if given the opportunity.
    Nobody will tell you this because many people are scared of being judged. 
    To those bloggers still keeping it real, I know it’s tough, I feel it from time to time but hey, never give up. There’s nothing sweeter than legitimately acquired possession as small as it is.
    Secondly, another way Buhari and Nigeria is encouraging Internet fraud is by running a non-effective security infrastructure in their so called country. Imagine where Yahoo boys are paraded by EFCC one week and the next week they’re released after sorting their freedom with N200,000, they will most definity be back on the computer screen by the next week.
    Assuming that Mopol, SARS and DPOs don’t take bribe to offer protection on yahoo boys, many of them would be in jail by now and the rest (as well as the intending ones) would learn their lessons.

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