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“Why My Wife Is Very Submissive To Me”-Singer Chris Perry Reveals

Chris Perry, a popular singer has revealed why his wife is very submissive to him.

In his latest post on Facebook, The singer made it known that his wife is very submissive to him because he plays his roles and responsibilities expected from him as a husband.

Sharing a picture of himself and his wife, Chris captioned:

“Wonder why my wife is so submissive?, Because I lead the way and set the tone. I book flights, fix things around the house, pay bills, make sure she has money in her purse Even though she has her own.

I get her stuffs she likes, takes her all round the globe. I don’t cheat,  I make her feel like she doesn’t have a thing to worry about because I am around.

I listen to her, I apologise to her when am wrong and doesn’t G slight her. I lead by example. That is why she is submissive, takes note and she is an Alpha female.

She is not a gullible woman, I just do what I’m supposed to do as a woman”.

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