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    Why I Unfriended Some Facebook Friends Today

    For the first time as a Facebooker, I removed a number of persons from my friends’ list. Sadly so.

    They know they are slaves and are so contented. I have no problem with that. But the way they speak against Kanu who have decided to lead his people out of slavery is unbearably irritating. They laugh and call him names because he has decided to stay out of reach, away from those vampires who are after his life. They keep cheering the soldiers on. They want him and his people killed. They said he should have stayed behind and face them like Mandela if he were a man.

    I do not want them to keep infesting my mind with such pollution. Their foolishness has surpassed that of idiots. Maybe they never knew that the Mandela they worship today once ran away from his oppressors for two years. They never knew Mandela throughout these two years disguised himself in order to protect himself from those who sought to kill him.

    What would Kanu have done in the circumstance? Wait and have himself killed by those nincompoops? How would that help their struggle? If they have any sense left in them, they should know that it’s more dangerous for Kanu to go hiding than to live an open life. His men are out there waiting to take his orders. I pray earnestly that a wrong order should not be given.

    Let us live equally or go our separate ways. Is this too much to demand? You need not support Kanu; you need not believe in his struggle. You may keep applying to be Chief Slave in Nigeria. This is your prerogative. For me, I’m not happy being a Nigerian; Nigeria has not given me a single reason to, and I will support anyone like Kanu who would, armlessly, seek a pull out. You don’t have the right to desecrate my sacred heart with your bought-over views.

    If you are my friend and you are not comfortable with my position on the Biafra quest, you have my permission to remove me from your friends’ list. Trust me, I will be fine just like those I removed are. After all, no one is paying anyone’s bills here.

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