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    Why Are Torn Naira Notes Rejected In The South But Not In The North?

    In Southern Nigeria; South-east, South-west and South – south, once a currency note gets torn or dirty, spending it becomes difficult.
    Some North Central like Benue and Kwara States are not left out. It’s a different ball game altogether in the Northern part of the country. No matter how dirty the Naira note is, it’s value and purchasing power never changes. If you don’t have celotape, you can use stapler to join torn notes and still spend it. Infact, banks advice using stapler sef.

    In Kano it is on another level, any money rejected in Kano na dustbin already cos even CBN won’t collect it.

    Torn naira notes

    Alamajiri can even deliberately cut the notes and still spend it like that without even joining it, as in they will give you the money in pieces. They will even use the note blow catarrh and still spend it, no jokes. More reasons there are more tear tear lower denomination notes than the higher ones because they hardly handle likes of ₦500 and ₦1000 notes.

    Another notes shocker you will get in the North is seeing parts of ₦50 and ₦20 joined together to be spent as a single note.

    Please Southerners, money is money but if you can’t spend some of your notes don’t throw it away, keep it for me: Thank you, don’t mention.

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