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    Why Are Nollywood Actors Turning To Producers?

    Most Nollywood actors who lack the necessary experience and qualifications have begun taking on the roles of producers and directors.
    At this point it’s alarming.

    I feel like they prefer the prestige associated with producing over the stigma of being labelled simply actors. Since that one is for ndi upcoming.

    Funke Akindele threw the gates open and every D-lister ran in to grab a piece of the pie.

    Now YouTube and Facebook have become dumping grounds for all sorts of cheesy movies and series that make a mockery of art.

    Ridiculous storylines that seem like they were drafted by a crew member on an okada while headed to set.

    Throw in YouTube princess Ebube Obio and her recycled roles, piano-driven soundtracks, effects, fancy hotels, gbam!
    Movie osetigo.
    Ngwa give me my accolades osiso.
    Ngwa sharparly change IG bio to ‘Producer, Director, Artist, Creator’.
    Nollywood actor be damned.

    While we often praise them for taking advantage of platforms like YouTube to push their craft, it’s got every girl in the game thinking she too needs to level up, make she sef dey drop small small movies with her name on top.
    Make e no be like say na she dey carry last.

    And because of how commercialised art has become in this era of the Ekene Umenwas, Ebube Obios, Destiny Etikos, no thought is given to artistic merit.

    I expect someone to say at least they’re cashing out.
    That’s how you know a person who’s been exposed to crap way too much, that they’ve become immune to movies that insult a chicken’s intelligence.

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