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    Who’s a friend?

    Your friends are the ones who know your issues, know you have them and still stick with you. You don’t have friends until you can wake up at 3am and decide to rant about something seemingly meaningless and you can think of one person who is willing to and will listen.

    You do not have friends until you have a friend who can actually tell you what you can do and what you can’t do. If you think friends is about those who can party and get into fights for you, you are wrong.

    A good friend is someone who you can tell about a bad decision, will scold you but won’t rub it in instead he/she will hold your hand and walk that road with you.

    A friend is that person who is in shape but will go running with you instead of sleeping just so you will run.

    A friend believes

    A friend does not accept thank you

    A friend will tell you to do something even though that thing will hurt him/her not because he is a masochist but it is what is best for you.

    A friend believes in you and sticks to you even in public and when you feel weak he/she is there to hold you up.

    A friend does not want you to cry but if you do he/she will do everything to stop it and if they fail, sit down and cry with you not because he/she hurts but it hurts them to see you hurt so bad.

    A friend remembers your problems even when you forget them

    A friend tucks you in when you are drunk, removes your clothes (might not wash them) give you pain killers when you wake up and then does not speak to you for a week.

    A friend keeps quiet when you are angry not because he/she has nothing to say but because he/she does not want to escalate the moment and say things that hurt.

    Your friend is happy to see you smile.

    The sad part is that your best friend is never the one you love and you will always choose that arsehole over him/her in the hope that he/she changes and that hurts (I know).

    Your friend is the one you forget while you chase shadows and forget he/she exists but still smiles and understands.

    Your friend is the one who helps you pick a dress for an impromptu date at the expense of one you have planned with the friend for weeks 

    Your friend is the person you lock out inside the rain just to please the moróns and still helps you take your clothes off the line so you can have something to wear the next day.

    We never appreciate our friends neither do we love them half as much as we should because we take them for granted. Funny thing is that your friend only asks that you say hi and spend time with them once a while.

    Annoying is that your friend is always separated from you by a flimsy excuse on your part which the friend does not get.

    When the friend leaves you never know what he or she has done.

    I wish I am not doing this to my friend. 

    If I have, sorry……

    Friends will die for you but we are always too pig headed to know it. Maybe it is good we don’t else we will take advantage of them.

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