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    Where is Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah?

    I think if nobody wants to say it, i must say the needful and I dare to ask these salient questions….. Begging to be answered by common sense.

    Where is Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah?

    Why is he still in incarceration?

    Does it means that the DSS no longer have anything to do other than to keep him without charges?

    Why is he been tried only in the media and not in a competent court of jurisdiction?

    What happens to the court order from Federal High Court Lagos that ordered for his release?

    What also happens to the order from Federal High Court Abuja that said he should be detained for another 14 days which elapsed last week Thursday?

    Is Daura and his Daura State Services above the law?

    Why is Dr. Ubah not yet charged to court?

    Who benefits from his prolonged incarceration?

    Why are Senators Andy Uba and Stella Odua Silent over the issue?

    Why hasn’t Governor Wille Obiano uttered a word in that regards like Governor Ayo Fayose?

    What of the likes Hon. Anayo Nnebe, Hon. Emeka Anohu, Hon. Ferdinand Dozie Nwankwo, Hon Obinna Chidoka, Hon. Chris Azubuogu, Hon. Linda Ikpeazu, Hon. Tony Okechukwu Nwoye and their co travellers in the green Chambers from Anambra State?

    Apart from the likes of John Nnia Nwodo and few others, why are the self acclaimed igbo leaders conspicuously silent?

    Our brothers in APC which includes Chris Ngige haven’t uttered a word to that effect and we wonder why??

    I don’t want to extend the call to other South East and South South states now because Charity begins at home and our leaders back home have failed to do so for selfish reasons.

    Many of us are playing ostrich because of one selfish gain or the other but we fail to see the wider picture. Most of the names mentioned above especially all the Federal Legislators in Anambra benefited from the good will of this gentleman and now they are silent as if it doesn’t matter to them.

    Its a shame and without apologies i can look into their faces and call them cowards for failing to raise up to the ocassion. When a particular deliberate abomination becomes constant, it will be the order of the day, consequently norm and culture.

    My people its time to start questioning our so called leaders because this is no longer democracy we are practicing but rather a group of people choosing whom and whom to make scape goats.

    Have a deep thought and think about all these, the man in question has family, he owns establishments and if these continues what becomes the fate of those employees?

    Is this a country?

    Is there anything like rule law in Nigeria?

    Are we not heading to Anarchy?

    How long can selective justice last?

    Think deep and ask yourselves what if……

    Ikechukwu Al Barney Amaku

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