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    When the Society Sing For Evil Men And Women, They Arm Them

    When the SOCIETY sing for EVIL MEN AND WOMEN, they armed them.

    Nsugbe people and Chinmark supporters are in one BED.

    Most of you are intelligent, most of you allow stomach infrastructures to control your conscience, most of you want money without care of how is made and most of you want to join happening team. You watched this metamorphose into a king of atrocities that committed all kinds of crime and walked away while calling the name of Jesus.

    Let me take you back to history.

    Mr. ALPHONSUS OBI IGBEKE, popularly known as Ubanese. He was and still a rich man from Nsugbe, Anambra state of Nigeria.

    In the year 2001, Ubanesse arrested about 10 children/teens between the ages of (10 -15) from his home town in Nsugbe town, his convey ran down a young woman and she died instantly. These kids was brave enough to chase him down to his house and threw knockouts, stones and what jot into his compound. As usual, he used his boys and uniform men to torture them, accused them all sorts of crimes.

    Do you know till date, as l write this, nobody has set eyes on these children , l mean, no arrests was made, nobody is ready to ask this BIG MAN questions. Anambra state government has also refused to intervene.

    Why am l telling this story?.

    Do you know who ARMED UBANESSE?.

    Parents of these kids. They’re from Nsugbe , they’re his brothers and sisters. A man that lost his two sons to this was Ubanesse HYPE man. Once Ubanese land in village, he will sing his praises. The day he knocked to ask his benefactor about his only two sons, he was flogged like a thief. Yes, his big man friend flogged him like a common thief.

    Why do l say his people armed him?.

    Many stories were going round before that incident, it was alleged that any young woman Ubanese fancies, he will have his way with that young girl. A widow accused him of raping her only daughter in 1999. She shouted, she was fearless and lied down, blocked visitors in the major road to his house the day Morroco Maduka came to sing his praises. The villagers called her nuisance. Probably, Ubanese watched gleefully as his people was behind him and say to himself – I can do anything to this people and still get away with it.

    He seized 10 young kids and teens since 2001 and nobody dared to arrest him. Now, the widow will be one place laughing at all of them.

    Any evil unchecked do go round!

    When chinmark was after Chiamaka, Amanda came handy as his Jobber woman, Maria did nothing with her platform, Viola did nothing with her voice – those opinion pushers that are defending Chinmark and HIS PONZI SCAM did absolute nothing .

    That is why he recruits EXTREMELY VULNERABLE WOMEN without a voice. Threaten them with sack and humiliations – they always give in.

    He made sure they answer his hotel calls and strip for him to have his way. Like the girl that was telling me her story yesterday, the night before Hallelujah song praises came to sing for him, he made her strip naked, had his way in the hotel. When she became pregnant, she was poor but summons on courage to call his wife, his wife sent her #50k to go to a hospital she recommended to abort that “thing” she screamed. Seeing what was done to Chidimma, she did as instructed and received her sack letter a week after. Chinmark wife used her hands to make excuses why she would not turn up to work for a week.

    What Chinmark did to Chiamaka with police was to set the records. He relaxed to watch how people were defending him and said to himself, like Ubanese, l am king, Legend and a CHAMPION.

    Anyone that read what happened to Chiamaka and did not speak up against that ARMED CHINMARK.

    Just like CHINMARK wife, Ubanese have and lives with a woman who knew her husband took 10 children away from their parents and still remained his wife.

    When a society clap, eat from the pot of evil doers, they armed them.

    We armed Chinmark!

    Moreover, who knows who it will be tomorrow?!

    When you confront evil, you set yourself free. All of you that were ambassadors did not resign to show you’re not in support of what he was doing to poor Chiamaka. You continued influencing, eating peanuts, stayed in good books and amassed followers because you belong to happening group.

    You stayed and watched chinmark took the advantages of VULNERABLEs in our care.

    Let me inform you, Chiamaka is having the last and better laughter. The young widow that her daughter was raped by Ubanese has the best LAUGHTER .

    Good morning beautiful people ❤

    Thank you

    Oriaku Enwe Iroh

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