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    What is wrong with Nigerians?

    What is wrong with Nigerians? Why is it that we have been battered so much that we don’t believe in this country anymore?

    What is wrong with us as a people that we see everything about Nigeria as bad and under developed? Were we brought up that way? (i was not).

    Is it that we just don’t like our selves or we take our frustrations out on self loathing? What is it?

    How can we just decide that cos something is Nigerian, it is bad and won’t function well? We see Nigerian made Fabrics and we hate it, Nigerian shoes, we hate them. Nigerian movies, we hate them(I am guilty of that). We have decided that anything from here is bad and evil and we even compare say West African countries are better.

    I swear if I hear that again, I will flip the whole continent worships and are jealous of us and yet we go about hating ourselves cos we have problems.

    I can remember during the Olympics and the Nigerian Basket ball team lost to the Americans. Twitter was filled with insults about how we sucked and then Ghanians came on and were joining. Me and a couple of Nigerians took care of that (good times).

    Why is it that thing we see ain’t enough? Some people even insult our Educational standards and that is funny. I have cousins studying abroad and they don’t think so when I start reason, cos their education ain’t that better, it is they are more exposed and their education just looks more polished noting else. I mean if our education is so bad, how come most of my lecturers have part-time jobs lecturing abroad? 

    Now the biggest insult of all is when someone thinks South Africa is better than Nigeria in all RAMIFICATIONS. What the eff?

    Can someone be more ignorant of where he is and what chances and opportunities he has at his fingertips?

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