Victor Frankenstein Movie Review

The opening scenes of Victor Frankenstein starts with Igor talking about how “everyone remembers the monster but not the man behind the monster”. This is one of those instances when a writer uses the creativity in ambiguity. The above statement can take up 3 meanings:
1. In the first Igor was ridiculed by people and referred to as a monster because of his physical deformity till Dr Frankenstein treats the hunchback problem by aspirating the huge abscess in his back, proving he’s only just a man.
2. Igor could also be referring to the fact that everyone remembers the Frankenstein monster itself and not the man that created it in the person of Dr Victor. This could be what he meant by the ‘man behind the monster’.
3. even when Dr Frankenstein is remembered he’s only seen as a monster himself for creating the real Frankenstein monster. Igor is saying that his friend and mentor Victor Frankenstein wasn’t evil but only just a man with good intentions who unwittingly creates a monster he couldn’t control.
With this I hope I’ve been able to show you the immense power a writer has to imply multiple meanings in the mind of the reader or viewer.

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