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    Using Facebook Block Button

    I needed $10000 PayPal funds very urgently for my business , but I wasn’t able to get up to that amount from my friends, I was only able to get $5500, remaining $4500.
    tom Gabriel, one of Gerrad Chigozie’s friends told him he has about $4500 PayPal funds for sale, so he decided to help me and tag him so I can buy from him, but unfortunately he was unable to tag Tom because I blocked him. That was how I was frustrated and ran into scammers when I wanted to buy the funds from people I don’t know.
    OK, the second time, I needed 5 BTC for urgent business, I struggled but was only able to get 2 BTC, remaining 3 BTC, the rest of my friends who are very active in BTC business is no longer available on my list. So that was how I missed the business and loss millions again because I wasn’t able to get the amount of BTC needed within the time frame, and I was also afraid of using another medium to avoid getting scammed again..
    Some times, I will have issues with my website, when I post it online here, I will surely get solutions from someone on my list. But last time, I wasn’t able to get any solutions from someone on my list till I waited 2 weeks for my host support team to reply me, and it affected my business big time.
    The last one that affected me the most was that I wanted to have a very big urgent deal with someone, almost at the finishing point of the deal the person told me to message Olawale that he’s the one in charge of the project, and the one to make the payment, not a small money oo, but I just realize that I blocked Olawale couple of weeks ago because of no reason, and he’s aware I did, so there is no way I can go on..
    Those are the inconveniences awaiting for any body body that have the altitude of blocking people without reasons..
    Block button is very cool and useful, but there must be a good reason for it.
    Don’t tell me “you just feel like blocking him”..
    Are you being disturbed by your village people….?
    Block button must be either because you had a big misunderstanding you couldn’t resolve..
    Or It was a mutual agreement to block each other, because it was a mutual agreement when you added him and he accepted…
    Or he scammed you and you want to avoid getting scammed again…
    Or he hates and opposes what ever you do or say without reasons…
    But if you just see an innocent imer that Is jejely passing his own way and you went straight and block him, my brother is a method your village people is using to chase away your blessings.
    Don’t always oppose people opinion abusively on social media…
    be careful how you deal with people, there are people who are always easily provoked, and they don’t have time and strength for argument but just use the block button (like me).
    Always stay cool….
    always stay….
    always be humble…
    and respect yourself….
    Always have fun with every one…
    Don’t always come to social media to show your arrogance and rudeness…
    The More you do it,
    is the more you attract people to hate you,
    and the more you attract people to hate you,
    is the more they block/unfriend you,
    and the more your business partners block/unfriend you is the more you lack business activities,
    and the more you lack business activities is the more you become poor…
    So always stay cool, and let the love lead..
    Good morning and happy new week all

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