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Tribute To Johnny Drille

I wasn’t really a fan of Johnny Drille, never understood what the hype was about until I came across his facebook page. His page is so entertaining and man can sing. I like the quality of his voice and how He closes his eyes when singing.

Whenever I watch his videos, I let his voice wash over me as I stare at his fingers and lips and imagine what being with such a man feels like. I imagine I’m the microphone He’s holding and his fingers are running over my body. I imagine my body is his piano and He’s playing with his with his fingers. I want to run my hands in his hair and push his locks away from his forehead so I can kiss it like He’s my baby.

Man is sexy AF in an innocent way. He looks like the shy drummer boy you see in church who sits by himself but turns around to handcuff you in bed.

I fell heads over heels in love when I watched his cover of Davido’s stand strong especially the part where He said “elemi”.

Omo! I’ll go to war for Johnny and fight a thousand Alpha males for his sake with no regard for my life and personal safety. I don’t want peace! I want vawulence!!!

I’ll brush my teeth with his old discarded toothbrushes.

I’ll gather the fingernails He trimmed off and eat it like cornflakes and groundnut.

I’ll eat up the crumbs that fell off his mouth.

I’ll wait by the bathroom connecting pipe to gather the water He bathed with so I can use it as my drinking water.

I’ll do everything and anything for him.

I’ll do all these for Johnny because He deserves it and more.

By a Fan

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