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Top 6 Foods Mostly Eaten By Igbos

The Igbo tribe of Nigeria are known for Numerous traditional food. Igbo no doubt is a Home to many popular Nigerian Cuisine.
Here are foods mostly consumed by Igbos;

1. Ona

Three leave yam locally called Ona is one of the most Nutritious cultivated yam species. It is mostly cooked and Consumed with oil, Ugba or any of the Igbo native sauce like potash sauce.

2. Ukwa

Ukwa is a popular food eaten by Igbo people. It is made from fresh breadfruit. The seed are shelled, washed and cooked with Akanwu(Potash) and water till it is soft enough for consumption. Ukwa can be cooked with corn and Ugba.

3. Abacha

African salad locally known as Abacha is a popular Igbo meal. Abacha is made from cassava. It can be served as an appetizer or main meal.

4. Akidi

Akidi is a small tiny beans which looks reddish or black. Akidi is mostly found in the northern part of Igbo land especially in Enugu state. Akidi can be prepared with Ugba, yam or Abacha.

5. Agidi

Agidi is one of the food Igbo people love the most. Agidi is made from corn flour. It is mostly cooked in two ways, the white one and the jollof one.

6. Ede

Cocoyam or Ede is also one the major food Consumed by the Igbos. Ede is cooked and eaten in so many ways.

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