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    Tiwa Savage Is My Favorite Female Musician

    I was watching on YouTube Tiwa Savage‘s featured appearance in the viral sensational song “Who is your guy,” and it hit me that Tiwa is a resilient woman with a strong character.

    Tiwa was cancelled by many righteous Nigerians for the crime of doing what is embedded and natural to human beings, the same act that those who mobbed for her blood do in private.

    Tiwa’s own sins came to light; she must be crucified.

    It was inconsequential to those righteous Nigerians that the video leaked for no fault of hers.

    She was only a victim, lost in the passion of the moment, oblivious to what her partner was doing.

    “Crucify her,” the crowd bellowed.

    She owned what she did; “Na sex she had,she no Kill anybody”

    This was not enough to pacify these people that bayed for her blood, as many of them went as far as writing to the brands for which she was their brand ambassador to drop her from being their brand ambassador, showing the vileness of human beings.

    Just like the Greek mythical god Phoenix, she rose from the ashes and set back to continue to be relevant and dominate her industry.

    We live in a patriarchal society where it is an offense for a woman to be seen to be horny, let alone having actual sex.

    So Tiwa defied all these stereotypes and did not allow them to hold her down, reminding us again that self-confidence and the ability to believe in yourself when the whole world has given up on you are the two skill set you need if you are to go far in life.

    Tiwa has gone on to sign more brand endorsements with premium brands like Techno Mobile.

    Her standard did not drop for one day as she continued to reinvent herself by releasing top-charting songs that are dominating her industry.

    Her lyrics in “Who is your guy?” are soothing to hear.

    Tiwa could have chosen to sulk and go below the radar and limelight after all; she was shaken and cancelled.

    But not her; she has been relevant and winning since that time.

    A study of how to own your mistakes and leverage them for more success.

    I’m happy for her.

    I am happier for the woman she is evolving into.

    A queen and more

    I’m in awe.

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