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    These bags are treasures

    These bags. Ei! Such treasures. Coming in all shapes and colours and patterns, and even some with pictures.

    If you want to move houses and you are married with children, do not panic that things will not fit in a lorry. Because the largest of these bags are so humongous, they can easily accommodate your ENTIRE life, and your spouse’s ENTIRE life, and your ENTIRE lives together, and still leave enough space for you to quickly throw in some furniture, a few home appliances, and your children.

    If you are single and probably live alone in a small house, don’t fret. You don’t have to find a mkokoteni to carry your things. The small bag will sort you out. Because even that small bag is big enough for everything you own to fit in. And still leave enough space for you to throw in your crush. And then you shape a leso in a nice, tight circle, place it on your head, balance the bag on it, and walk to your new place while carrying the bag on your head.

    When you want to travel abroad, instead of carrying those 3, bulky suitcases, just 1 of these average-sized bags from the nearest market will take care of everything. You will put in all your shit, and there will still be enough room for you to throw in the plane that you booked.

    They are so strong, these bags, they actually do have the strength to carry on during these difficult, trying times, and, at the same time, carry all the mistakes of your forefathers, some cargo ships, and full gas cylinders.

    Ei! These bags. Such treasures.

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