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    The Wedding Party Movie Review

    Finally watched the Wedding Party. Highlights of the movie for me.

    Pettiness: the mothers are professionals in being petty. And also in protecting their children too. Especially the girl’s mother.

    The Thief: lmaoo he was so funny. He thought rich people don’t have their own problems. And anyone that package well has money. He found out the bride’s family were broke. And the groom’s family had their own issues. Infidelity.

    The bride’s parents: despite the brokenness, the bride’s mother was willing to stay with her husband. Reminded him that marriage is about sharing and not hiding anything and she did not care if they went broke.

    The groom’s parents: infidelity is not the answer if your partner is not as loving as before. Communication. Talking about it. Talking about a better change. Not rushing off to cheat. Groom’s mother should have said how she felt, separated or divorced or counseling instead of being stuck up and trying to ruin everything. Then being tribalistic.

    The white friend: the part she asked for two wraps of amala and then said, “I love my swallow.” So me. Like people in Nigeria try to feed me rice or Chinese or whatever. Nah bruh!! I love me my swallow, bole and fish head, akara, akamu, agege bread and not sliced bread, abacha, bonny native soup *dancing*

    Exes: lmaooo why are some exes so evil? Show up to the wedding to be stupid. The slap she received was marvelous. I am that friend that will slap your man’s ex during the wedding if the ex do anyhow. Rubbish!! Sweet slap.

    Love: love is never giving up. Trusting. Believing. Working through tough times.
    It was a beautiful movie.

    Tribe: it is high time Nigerians stop being tribalistic. Especially the igbos and yorubas (let’s leave the Northerners first). Look at yourself like a Nigerian first. Love any tribe. Fall in love and marry the person. Leave tribe alone. Nigeria will be better if we just leave tribe alone and look at ourselves as human beings capable of love. Relationships have ended because of tribe. Families need to stop the rejections because of tribe.

    But do you know the best part?

    I was eating Asun sauce with white rice while watching it. Then washed it down with cold coke!!!

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