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    The Ordinariness of Power

    So, Vice President Joe Biden (I love that man) tweets this photo of himself along with this lovely note:

    Jan 20, Jill and I will head home to Delaware the same way I have for 44 years: by train. Serving this country has been our greatest honor.

    My own koboko-deserving aburo, Tolu Ogunlesi, annoys me by retweeting it with glee and with zero trace of irony. That leaves me scratching my head and muttering to myself – shey dem take blindness to irony do us for Nigeria ni?

    My aburo is retweeting a photo he should be running away from, praying and hoping that Nigerians won’t see it, lest we ask him: so, who in Aso Rock Villa lives by this example of the ordinariness of power? The President? The Vice President? Should everybody in a Presidency that is everything contrary to the spirit of this photo not be running away from it – unless they are prepared to embrace the said spirit?

    Tolu, here is the only relationship you should have to this photo on behalf of 180 million of us: go and show it to your Oga and his Vice and tell them to do likewise by embracing the ordinariness of power.

    They both still disturb everybody in Abuja with the heavy appurtenances of power like every Presidential pair before them.

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