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    The Nigerian Europa League Of Corruption

    A Little Victory in the Europa League
    By Pius Adesanmi.
    I want to break a rule I established for this Wall early last year. Something would be seriously wrong with my Naija creds if I wasn’t the first to break a law I established anyway.
    You’d recall that I determined – and you all agreed with me – that any Nigerian government official charged with stealing public funds under N2 billion shall no longer merit an appearance on this Wall. We agreed to concentrate on players featuring in the Champions League of corruption and leave out Europa League players to be roasted in Nairaland and other spaces.
    I established this law in a piece of satire when Dakingari’s case happened. Dakingari, a former Accountant-General, stole only N1.6 billion from the coffers of Kebbi state and is therefore unworthy of mention on this wall under the extant rules. N1.6 billion puts him in the Europa League of Nigerian corruption.
    I apologize for breaking the law. I am mentioning him today because you deserve to be updated. Dakingari had been discharged and acquitted by a court in Kebbi.
    The EFCC appealed. Well, today, the EFCC won on appeal and Dakingari has been sentenced to 70 years pelu ise asekarakara.
    That is the latest news. I wish I could congratulate the EFCC and the administration but I have always advised people to observe a two-week waiting period whenever they hear news like this. Until you know the immediate, remote, and potential K-Legs in a Naija good news, don’t rejoice prematurely.
    Next, you will hear that Dakingari has joined APC and an obscure Judge somewhere has acquitted him again.
    Before you could say Timipre, EFCC had had to return 48 houses to Sylva and we were back at square zero. Oh, how they made those who celebrated that particular “anti-corruption victory” look like fools!
    However, we should not be discouraged. We all have a collective responsibility to rally around little victories such as this so that the usual suspects will not always think that reversals are a foregone conclusion.
    May Allah continue to punish Dakingari.

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