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The First Artist Nicki Minaj Makes Another History As The Female Artist With 100 Entries On Billboard Hot 100

Nicki Minaj The First Female Artist With The Most Tracks To Ever Landed On Billboard Chart, She Become The First Woman With 100 Entries On  Billboard Hot 100.
According To Billboard Hot 100,
Nicki Minaj earned the first titled at No.83 as the featured guest on Tyga’s single ”Dip” and also she has the fifth most triple digit appearance of the hot 100, which she combines streaming, airplay and sales data. the Glee cast leads with 207 entries, and followed by Drake has 191, Lil Wayne has 160 and Elvis Presley has 108.
It has been eight years Nicki Minaj as a feature on Lil Wayne’s,”Knockout”, which is No. 44 in February 2010.Nicki Minaj has earned  17 top 10s on the hot 10. She is among the best female rappers.
Nicki Minaj1

Below is a list of ‘ often appearances of all time,

207, Glee Cast
191, Drake
160, Lil Wayne
108, Elvis Presley
100, Nicki Minaj
98, JAY-Z
93, Kanye West
91, James Brown
90, Chris Brown
77, Taylor Swift
75, Ray Charles
75, Future
73, Eminem
73, Aretha Franklin
71, The Beatles
70, Justin Bieber

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