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    The Diary and Struggles of a Decent Girl. By @joroolumofin

    The Diary and Struggles of a Decent Girl.

    By @joroolumofin

    ( Juxtaposition of Cognition I.e I put myself in the mind and shoes of a Decent Girl )

    Hi, my name is ( Kemi / Amina/ Amaka) I’m a Decent Girl but I’m having so much trouble getting a guy, it is so hard for me, I have to look in the mirror to see if there’s a problem somewhere. I feel the runs Girls have taken over. 

    Let me tell you about myself
    1. I have less than 500 followers on Instagram with a minimum of 30 – 50 likes , 18 views for videos, 3 comments from colleagues, sister and cousins. 

    2. No guy drops Provocative or Dashing comments on my page ( No Slay Queen, Osee Baddest, Pepper them) 

    3. I don’t post twerking videos ( i don’t even know how to twerk) 

    4. I attend church frequently even mid week service too 

    5. Since I joined IG only 3 guys have jumped in my DM. 2 were my former neighbors and 1 guy who mistook me for someone else. 

    6. I am celibate, a virgin or won’t let you get down in 5 months .

    7. Anytime I tell guys I’m celibate or a virgin they look at me like they want to beat me up.

    8. I attended 4 weddings in 2016 and I got only 2 numbers, the guys I met when I told them I was a virgin or I had a no sex in 5 months dating policy they didn’t call me after. 

    9. My makeup is decent, not pancakes and pinocchio contour.  I don’t like to expose my body when I go out I believe beauty is from within. I don’t do long slits or expose my boobs

    10. I don’t really go to the club, work doesn’t let me and my parents are strict. My TGIF is my laptop and Game of Thrones or Designated Survivor.

    11. No Guy Has put me as #WCW 

    Despite all these good qualities I have that my friends and family always call me iyawo material , I can’t even get a text back or cinema date.

    Meanwhile my friends ( Uche, Tolu, Turia) who are the opposite of me and slay on IG, 9k followers, 25 Body count, Awards winning twerkers, Pinocchio contour ,change boyfriends every week, anytime i watch their snap I ask myself are we not in the same Lagos/Abuja/PH/London/DC together? 

    Dear Joro, is being decent now a crime? Do I have to change my personality and self before I can meet a man? I’m really lonely.

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