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    The African Girl Child

    (her agony)
    Are you mad???
    Close your legs
    today is not Sunday,
    Who gave you those tops?
    It is too tight, firm to your breast, guys would see your breast through it,
    Now take them off!
    Why are you wearing that shirt ,
    It is too slack,
    Sagging your breast,
    Don’t you have any dignity left?
    Where is your hair tie,
    Cover your hair!
    St Paul said a woman’s hair is her pride,
    Now, go grab your scarf,
    so not to be a disgrace to me.
    Why are you vomiting?
    Come here,
    Who touched you?
    Open your legs,
    let me see if the doors are still intact.
    Don’t talk to Jide!
    His speeches could get you pregnant,
    Better still stay indoors,
    Girls are not suppose to be seen outside.
    Have you cooked for your brother?
    He is very tired from playing football,
    Now go,
    Be fast!
    Not too spicy,
    He hates it hot.
    Who will marry you if you keep behaving like this?
    A man can easily get married,
    But not a woman,
    You better change.
    Your pride lies in your hymen,
    Know that if it breaks,
    You are as good as useless,
    No man would find you attractive.
    Plait your hair!
    Don’t cut it,
    You are not a man,
    Men Do the cutting!
    Don’t wear things that divides your legs!
    You are not a man.
    Don’t talk in family meetings,
    You are not a man.
    Don’t, Don’t, don’t
    A woman doesn’t work,
    She only opens her legs for her husband,
    feeds her child with milk.
    Don’t ever dream of riding a car,
    Working in a firm,
    You have a dignity to keep.
    Don’t for you are a girl,
    My society said.

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