Tales of a Lagos ‘Johnny Just Come’

HI folks, firstly let me hail all lagosians. una well done ooo.

I came into Lagos form calabar to sign a contract with my new employers. about 4am my friend woke me up, oboy ebe like say u wan miss your racket. I hurriedly had my bath and dressed up quickly feeling so fly. i put on my giorgo check blazers, and my prada shoes were nothing but top class. I told my friend no way am going to get dressed like this and enter keke marwa, so I stopped the first Taxi-bourdilon road, omo the guy say 10k, eeeh am I coming from calabar, Which kind transport fare be this one, the guy replied, o boy this na lagos ooo. remain there nah or enter danfo he laughed.

Finally I got a cab for 7k. After the successful exchange with my potential employers. It was time to go. As I fall out, omo I must try this danfo I told myself. I asked around and they directed me to where to board the danfo. Before long, the conductor shouted this row na 5 5 una go dey ooo. what!! I shouted abeg make I come down, why una dey pack us like sardine, The pretty lady on the queue, oga abeg come down, I wan enter . omo I remain for my sit ooo, oboy this na Lagos, I reminded myself. immediately I became so hungry, I saw people hawking gala and coke, but I was ashamed to buy. Small time one fine babe wey dey beside me just shout gala gala coke, omo na im I quickly order my own. man must wack. finally the bus left, it was from one quarrel to another, driver change ooooo, chants of owa, owa, owa just filled the air. I became so fatiqued and I dozed off.

The next thing I heard in my dream was roundabout owa owa, I quickly started shouting owa owa roundabout owa. I dropped down just for me to realise say the bus never even waka half my journey. when I got home I realised that two zips of my the shuttle I carried were open. Thank baba god my iPhone 6 plus dey my pocket.

If u never enter Lagos, abeg try do-those guys are real damn hustlers. Shine your eyes wella for Lagos.

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