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    Some Nigerian Pastors: Men full of God but devoid of Good!

    By Charles Ogbu.
    Right here before our very own eyes, a Christian Pastor, Mrs Eunice Elisha, was butchered here in Kubwa, FCT, by a Muslim mob, simply for preaching her gospel along a street that also houses a Mosque. This woman was a Pastor with the RCCG. And she was not killed in a Sharia practicing state like Zamfara, Kano etc. She was dismembered right here in Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja. As I type this, No one has been arrested for her death, one year after. No one!
    Pastor Enoch Adeboye is the owner of RCCG. The slain woman was his Pastor.
    “Daddy” Adeboye and the other Pastor-prenuers saw no evil and they heard no evil. Their Voices travelled for Omugwo.
    A Pastor’s wife, Mrs Bridget Agbohime, was slaughtered in Kano by a Muslim mob for asking her Muslim neighbour not to do ablution in front of her shop. President Buhari didn’t categorically condemn her murder. Instead, he admonished us to learn to respect other people’s religion.
    Five of the Muslim guys who killed Mrs Bridget were apprehended and charged to court by the police only for the Sharia practicing govt of Kano state to officially withdraw the charges and declare that the killers had no case to answer. That was the end.
    Again, “Daddy” Adeboye and the other Pastor-prenuers saw no evil and they heard no evil. Their Voices again travelled for Omugwo.
    The people of Southern Kaduna are 95% Christians. Since Buhari came to power, the govt-sponsored fulani terrorists have been organising festival of death for them. Kaduna governor, Nasir El-Rufai, who himself is a Muslim fanatic, publicly admitted paying these fulani beasts cash ‘compensation’. The army and the Police all headed by Muslims seem more comfortable aiding and abetting these bloodbath.
    Yet again, “Daddy” Adeboye and the other Pastor-prenuers saw no evil and they heard no evil. Their Voices travelled for Omugwo with the exception of Oyedepo who spoke just once and Apostle Suleiman who spoke number-less time against the killings.
    In all of this, Pastor Enoch Adeboye was comprehensively and emphatically SILENT.
    He has spoken just twice:
    The first time was when this rogue govt wanted to take away his post as the Daddy G.O through some reforms.
    Second time is now that a certain guy called Daddy freeze is hellbent on freezing his means of livelihood. Now, he is threatening divine curse against those who refuse to pay tithe.
    Adeboye never threatened divine curse against the killers of his own Pastor, late Eunice Elisha.
    Adeboye never threatened divine curse against the marauding herdsmen raining death on mostly Christian dominated areas.
    He has never threatened divine curse against these political terrorists masquerading as govt.
    None of the above is worthy of his harvest of curses.
    Except tithe which directly affect his pocket.
    Let this sink!!!
    Gandhi was right: “I like your Christ but I don’t like your Christians”
    Call Charles Ogbu an atheist or anti-Christ if it makes you feel better but the fact is, most Nigerian Pastors are Buccaneers! Financial terrorists and moral criminals.
    I blame them not. It is our non-working system here I blame.
    Under a system that works for her people, most of these morally bankrupt Pay-As-You-Go men will certainly be out of business.
    They own schoolS built with your collective sweat, yet, your kids CANNOT attend because the fees are too high.
    They own jets, not one, not two but three. Three private jets! All bought with your collective sweat. Yet, you trek from Panya to Arondizuogu ON BARE FOOT AND EMPTY STOMACH to go fund their lavish lifestyle.
    If tithe is a religious obligation, who are these Pastors paying their own tithe to????
    If you are not mad at the religious roquery of these religious Jackals and Hyenas, trust me, you were probably born mad.
    Some Nigerian Pastors: Men full of God but devoid of Good!

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