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    Some Habits I Learnt During Covid-19

    A couple of things I learnt to do during and after COVID 3years later.

    Before COVID, when a paper bag or nylon or rope is tied. I wouldn’t mind using my teeth to loose it. During COVID, I had this terrible fear we will all die esp as your chances of survival rests more in the hands of the next person than oneself and because I wanted to be among the last set of people to die. I stopped using my teeth to loosen a tied nylon or rope or lace. I rather use a scissors to cut it (that’s because I don’t know how to use my fingers). 2years later, having moved on from COVID. I still cannot bring myself to ever using my teeth to loose anything.

    Before COVID, I could go downstairs to pickup food from a dispatch rider. Enter my room, open the contents, take my spoon and would start eating. I stopped after COVID. As long as I stepped out my door to the gate and have to open the gate to talk to a dispatch rider or usher a guest in. I must wash my hands once I come in. Doesn’t matter what or who I picked outside.

    I don’t touch staircase rails anymore. Before COVID, I would hold the rails when climbing up or down esp a public place so I don’t trip and embarrass myself. This stopped because of COVID. I climb very slowly now. I rather do this than hold the rails and I’ll say since 2020. I’ve never held the rails even by mistake. It’s something I do now which I’m used to. The supermarket I mostly frequent have a stair case. I do not touch it even tho the stairs can be slippery.

    You know the button you press to walk through the bank security doors. Yes, those ones. Before COVID, I do press with my finger tip. It was nothing. I don’t do that anymore. 3 options, I allow the bank security do it. I allow someone do it for me by acting like I’m swamped with my hands or I bend/fold my finger before pressing the button. That’s how it was shown then cos that part isn’t supposed to get inside your mouth. So that is still in my head.

    I know we have survived COVID. Yes! But these and many other things I’ve continued doing since 2020 and I won’t stop, I don’t see myself stopping them.

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